TCInterlocked.h File Reference

Defines the namespace TC::Interlocked. More...

#include "TCTypes.h"

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namespace  TC
namespace  TC::Interlocked
 Methods for interlocked modifying of integer values.


typedef long TC::Interlocked::Type
 Data type for interlockee operations.


Type TC::Interlocked::Increment (Type &target)
 The function increments (increases by one) the value of the specified variable.
Type TC::Interlocked::Decrement (Type &target)
 The function decrements (decreases by one) the value of the specified variable.
Type TC::Interlocked::Exchange (Type &target, sint32 new_value)
 The function atomically exchanges a pair of values.
Type TC::Interlocked::Add (Type &target, sint32 value_to_add)
 The function performs an atomic addition of an increment value to an addend variable.

Detailed Description

Defines the namespace TC::Interlocked.

Thomas Goessler

Definition in file TCInterlocked.h.

Copyright (c) Thomas Goessler 2003 - 2008