Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
stdSTL namespace
TC::FactoryFactory for creating TC objects
TC::FileProvides functions to get/create/set file information
TC::FileNameThis namespace provided functions for manipulating file names or file paths
TC::ImplIncludes implementation classes from the namespace TC
TC::InterlockedMethods for interlocked modifying of integer values
TC::MathTC::Math is intended to provide methods to perform common math operations
TC::Math::FactoryFactory for creating TC::Math objects
TC::MLSBase class for all codec method fro encoding and decoding standard types and prepares methods for decoding and encoding
TC::MT::FactoryFactory for creating TC::MT objects
TC::Net::FactoryFactory for creating TC::Net objects
TC::OutputClass used for debug output
TC::StringThis namespace provided functions for manipulating and converting strings
TC::SystemNamespace for getting operating system depending information
TC::UtilDefines basic functions like Min, Max, Swap

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