TCMTFactory.h File Reference

This file provides the definition of TC::MT::Factory. More...

#include "TCMTCondition.h"
#include "TCMTEvent.h"
#include "TCMTMutex.h"
#include "TCMTSemaphore.h"
#include "TCMTThread.h"
#include "TCMTMessageDispatcher.h"

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namespace  TC
namespace  TC::MT
namespace  TC::MT::Factory
 Factory for creating TC::MT objects.


ThreadPtr TC::MT::Factory::CreateThread (const std::string &thread_name, uint32 stack_size=0, Thread::ThreadPriority priority=Thread::PRIORITY_NORMAL)
 Create a thread object.
MessageDispatcherPtr TC::MT::Factory::CreateMessageDispatcher ()
 Create a message dispatcher object.
ThreadPtr TC::MT::Factory::GetCurrentThread ()
 Get The current thread object in which this command is executed.
MutexPtr TC::MT::Factory::CreateMutex (bool locked=false)
 Create a Mutex object.
MutexPtr TC::MT::Factory::CreateMutex (const std::string &shared_name, bool locked=false)
 Create a shared Mutex object with specified name.
EventPtr TC::MT::Factory::CreateEvent (bool manual_reset=false, bool initial_state=false)
 Construct an event object.
SemaphorePtr TC::MT::Factory::CreateSemaphore (uint32 initial_value)
 Construct an semaphore object.
SemaphorePtr TC::MT::Factory::CreateSemaphore (const std::string &shared_name, uint32 initial_value)
 Construct an shared semaphore object.
ConditionPtr TC::MT::Factory::CreateCondition ()
 construct a Condition variable
ConditionPtr TC::MT::Factory::CreateCondition (MutexPtr mutex)
 construct a Condition variable with an existing mutex

Detailed Description

This file provides the definition of TC::MT::Factory.

Thomas Goessler

Definition in file TCMTFactory.h.

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