TC::MT Namespace Reference


namespace  Factory
 Factory for creating TC::MT objects.


class  Condition
 Condition variable. More...
class  Event
 An object of class Event represents a synchronization object that allows one thread to notify another that an event has occurred. More...
class  LockerRef
 Automatic locking class for references Class for automatic locking of a critical objects (like TC::MT::Mutex,TC::MT::ClassLevelLockable, TC::MT::ObjectLevelLockable. More...
class  LockerPtr
 Locking object for Pointers. More...
class  ObjectLevelLockable
 This template offers the basic mechanism for an object level locking mechanism. More...
class  ClassLevelLockable
 This template offers the basic mechanism for an class level locking mechanism. More...
class  Message
 Base class of a message which can be send from one thread to another thread. More...
class  MessageDispatcher
 ObjectClass dispatches incomming messages to registered callback functions. More...
class  ClassMethodeCallBack
class  Mutex
 Class for protecting variables or something else which is used in more than one thread. More...
class  Semaphore
 counted semaphore More...
class  SemaphoreLocker
 Locking object for Semaphore objects. More...
class  Thread
 Interface defining thread which then can start an ThreadObject. More...
class  ThreadObject
 Base class of object which are executed by a TCMT::Thread When the thread gets started it executes the methode ThreadObject::Run. More...


typedef SharedPtr< ConditionConditionPtr
 Smart pointer to a condition object.
typedef SharedPtr< EventEventPtr
 Smart pointer to an event object.
typedef SharedPtr< ThreadThreadPtr
 Smart pointer to a thread.
typedef SharedPtr< MessageMessagePtr
 Smart pointer to a message.
typedef SharedPtr
< MessageDispatcher
typedef SharedPtr< MutexMutexPtr
 Smart pointer to a mutex object.
typedef LockerPtr< MutexPtrMutexLocker
 Provides a typedef for locking this object.
typedef SharedPtr< SemaphoreSemaphorePtr
 Smart pointer to an semaphore object.
typedef SharedPtr< ThreadObjectThreadObjectPtr
 Smart pointer to a thread object.

Copyright (c) Thomas Goessler 2003 - 2008